Beyond Insurance®

Fortune 500 companies have the ability of employing a trained Risk Manager and a team of Risk Mitigation Specialist to support their business. Barkley’s Beyond Insurance® philosophy brings Fortune 500 caliber risk mitigation, thought leadership and innovative solutions to small and medium businesses.

Striving to become your trusted resource, we build our partnership by investing a tremendous amount of time in getting to know every aspect of your business. Only after we understand the risks unique to your business can we formulate innovative solutions that span a wide range of strategies.

As we take your business Beyond Insurance®, we tailor comprehensive solutions for your Commercial Insurance, Employee Benefits, Human Resources, Claims Management and Workplace Safety requirements. Developing these comprehensive solutions will lower your risk as an employer, increase workforce engagement and help drive down your overall cost of doing business.

Commercial Insurance

We offer a wide range of Commercial Insurance solutions. Our team is constantly developing new Commercial Insurance products to ensure we stay ahead of the ever-changing business landscape.

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Employee Benefits

Offering Employee Benefits, whether they are mandatory or voluntary, are a key strategy in building, retaining and rewarding a world class workforce. Barkley Benefit Specialists are Human Resource Professionals that lead the industry in designing benefit plans that meet both the needs of the employer and the employees.

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Safety Programs and Training

Regardless of your business, a comprehensive Safety Training program is key to keeping employees healthy, reducing risk and keeping a lid on insurance premiums. With Worker’s Compensation costs on the rise, Barkley brings its Safety Program into every Beyond Insurance® relationship.

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Claims Management

Managing an insurance claim is a complex, time consuming task. If you feel your time is better spent growing your business, then rest assured that Barkley is your trusted resource for Claims Management. With a deep understanding of your business, our Claims Management team can move the process along quickly, efficiently and minimize the financial impact to your business.

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Human Resource Management

Being an employer is not an easy task. Understanding and correctly applying the right labors laws can become a compliance nightmare for small and medium businesses. Our team of Human Resource Professionals will guide you on the latest trends in Human Resources and help you develop new workforce management strategies. With the support of our team, your Human Resource program will set the standard and become the definition of “best practices.”

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