Safety & Risk Management

As our team at Barkley always looks to take your business Beyond Insurance®, we offer a variety of Safety Assessments, Trainings and Programs. Our team of industry leading Safety and Risk Professionals will help your business identify, measure and control risks that, if not managed correctly, could lead to increased insurance premiums, decreased productivity or even worse, financial ruin.

All our safety programs are designed specifically to meet the needs of your business. When we design the program, we tap the vast resources of Barkley to ensure the program supports all our Beyond Insurance® pillars. Our safety programs are non-insurance solutions that will directly impact the bottom line.

Our Safety Consulting & Training practice includes:

  • Assessment of your current safety culture
  • Strategic Safety Planning
  • Employer and Employee Safety Training
  • OSHA Compliance Review
  • Facility Risk Assessment for Safety Issues
  • Safety Committee Creation & Management
  • Accident Investigation Training

Protect Your Assets

Developing a comprehensive Safety Program not only reduces risk to your business but is also protects your most asset – your employees!! There is no better way to show your employees that you truly care about their well-being than by ensuring they consistently have a safe workplace. A focus on a company-wide safety program is just good business!