Employee Benefits

Employee retention and a strong recruiting program require your business to have the right mix of health care and other ancillary benefits. Many employers want to offer their employees more, but just don’t have the time, resources, or knowledge to craft enticing benefits packages.

At Barkley Insurance, we take a holistic approach to crafting unique employee benefits for your organization. Our team of Human Resource Professionals, Health & Wellness Experts, and Benefits Specialists can implement several solutions to ensure we provide you and your employees with the best option to achieve your Group Benefit objectives.

Benefits Programs

Escalating health care costs, along with legislative and regulatory changes, have had a dramatic impact on employee benefit plans. What was once considered a straightforward issue has become one of the most complex and costly business decisions that employers both large and small need to navigate. The team at Barkley Insurance can engineer the right benefits program for your company and your employees.


Each year employers face new requirements for their benefit plans. The team at Barkley Insurance stays current with the new laws, regulations, and cases to help keep your employee plans and business in compliance.

Corporate Health & Wellness

At Barkley Insurance we design Corporate Wellness Programs that your employees will use. Investing in a program can lead to reduced healthcare costs, prevent disease and foster a safer and more productive work environment.

Benefits Enrollment Expertise

In order for employees to be excited about their benefits, they must understand what they are getting. Our Benefits Enrollment team streamlines the enrollment process and takes the guesswork out of understanding the plan

Claims Servicing

We hope you never need to make a claim. In the unfortunate case that you must make a claim, the Barkley team can save you time by processing your claim and managing that claim through to the end. Our years of claim experience helps us navigate your claim to the best possible outcome for your business.

Employee Support & Advocacy

Our support and guidance does not stop with the business owners. We build relationships with your workforce and become a resource for them when questions arise about their benefits. We’ll even become advocates for an employee if they need help with their benefits provider.