Business & Risk Insurance

Our unique Beyond Insurance® process positions us to work as your risk manager and provide sound advice to improve your business and lower the risks that jeopardize it. We start every conversation with the sole purpose of understanding the strengths, opportunities and risks unique to your business. Only then will our team develop an insurance portfolio that is the right for your business.

Keeping a watchful eye over your business does not stop once you become a Barkley client. Your dedicated team of Barkley professionals will continue to proactively manage your program, providing additional resources to support your success and make recommendations based on real-time business conditions.


Because the agribusiness and food industries are so unique, Barkley Insurance is structured to support the different needs of the agricultural business. Whether you run a small rural farm, a major commercial farm, a vineyard or any other agribusiness, Barkley Insurance can help protect both your property and your business.

Distribution & Manufacturing

The manufacturing and distribution business face risks unique to the industry. We provide each manufacturing and distribution client with the right coverage to ensure the employees, machinery and goods are properly protected.


Non-profits always need to plan for the unexpected. Whether you need to cover your Board of Directors or obtain a customized business policy to cover the overall operation, Barkley Insurance understands the dynamics of the non-profit world.


Building a successful medical practice is difficult enough. Don’t leave the business side of the practice exposed to unnecessary risk. We can help you secure the right coverage for your offices, cyber-security and other healthcare specific requirements.

Professional Services

The service you provide is very personal in nature. If one of your employees makes a serious error, that error could prove to be financially devastating to your business. Barkley Insurance can help you understand not only what type of protection you need, but how much coverage you should purchase. We will find the right coverage for your business.


Whether you run a hotel, retail store or restaurant, your legal liability extends to your guests. We make sure you have the right coverage to protect the business and any unforeseen issues, such as guest slip & falls, personal property damage or business theft.